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Elite Ladies of Fairfield County School District

The Elite Ladies of Fairfield County School District is a service and social mentoring  initiative for young ladies in grades 7 –12 who are willing to dedicate themselves to a life of love, respect and service through encouragement, personal development and enrichment  opportunities using the Seven S’s for Success.  The Elite Ladies’ Seven S’s for Success focuses on
Self-Image, Service to Others, Self-Empowerment, Self-Respect, Self Control, Socialization and Scholarship.

Our mission is to develop young ladies to become effective leaders, visionaries and  entrepreneurs that are caring citizens and self-aware of themselves and their communities. 

Our vision is to build a sisterhood of young ladies of confidence and character that will use their voices, talents and skills to excel and compete in the global arena!  



Elite Ladies Motto:
I am because you are,
You are because I am,
We are because He is,
I am always rising to the top, because the bottom is too crowded.