Technology Proficiency

The information on this page is mainly for teachers whose teaching certificate is set to expire June 2018:
As a part of the renewal process at the end of this school year, each teacher will need to have demonstrated his/her technology proficiency. There are a few options to meet this requirement, which are outlined below. One of the options will be to take an assessment, provided you score proficient or above. The initial window for taking this assessment will be from October 30th until December 15th. If for any reason, you score less than proficient on the assessment you will receive some support materials in the areas in need of growth and will be allowed to take the assessment a second time, probably in February and/or March.

Here are the "Pathways to Technology Proficiency":
  • Complete a graduate level course with an emphasis on instructional technology
  • Complete a workshop within the last 5 years offered through the district for technology proficiency credit
  • Complete Google Level 1 or Level 2 certification
  • Score proficient or above on WayFind Assessment through
If you feel you have already achieved technology proficiency in your certificate renewal cycle, please contact Ron Bosch or Dr. Avery and provide us with your documentation of completion.

Anyone who wishes to take the WayFind Assessment, please click on the link below to complete the Google Form. Once your form has been completed, Ron Bosch will be in contact to provide the details needed for completing the assessment.

WayFind Assessment Option Form